3 Tax Deductions for Authors

Everyone in today’s world is trying to save money, cut costs and retrieve as much of what they have given out as possible. Recently, while scouring the google search engine for some resources, I found some tax deduction articles for Authors. It clicked a serious bell in my head on. Authors are business people too! Instead of listing the deductions that usual business people have, I figured I will give you some specific to our genre of business minded folk. I mean, we’re legit with our businesses too, aren’t we? Should we receive some of those beloved Uncle Sam tax dollar savings too?

I think so too…

Author’s Tax Saving Deduction #1…EVENTS

When we launch products, EVERYTHING we pay for to make the event happen is tax deductible. Leave no receipt unaccounted for. You might not like the sight of the accumulation, but you’ll love the small tax bill at the and of the year!

Author’s Tax Saving Deduction #2…MARKETING

Did you spring for some facebook ads? What about posters and flyers to hand out to people? Some of us actually do direct snail mail campaigns too. All of these expenses are tax deductible.

Author’s Tax Saving Deduction #3…FEES

What fees? I’ll tell you WHAT fees! Did you accept payments through paypal? There’s a FEE! Did you use a self publishing service like WWACP? There’s a FEE! How about web hosting? That’s a FEE too!


With these tax deductions, we will all be printing more books, cashing in on more sales in no time. Use the extra change to take a much needed vacation. Who knows, you may get more inspiration for your next black and white project!



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