June 12, 2016


WWACP does not provide your average editing service. We skip the basic editing, grammar only, etc. breakdowns. We find that it takes more time and creates financial strains on our relationship with you. Rather than picking and choosing services, we provide one great service!

Our advanced editing service covers the basics, but includes content changes as well. This is associated with traditional publishing, something most self-publishing firms do not offer. WWACP Self-Publishing wants you to look your best, so we offer advanced editing services because often times, the basics were not meeting the needs of our clients. When you succeed, we succeed!

Quality editing goes towards THE VALUE of making a good impression and leveraging WORD OF MOUTH positive influence to increase book sales.

We have developed a 3 step system that tackles different areas of your manuscript and provides professional feedback, where needed, to bring flow to the project.

Send us a short one page sample today to have a test edit done. We will edit one paragraph example of changes necessary to make your book a masterpiece. Remember, when you succeed, we succeed … We’re here to help you … Get started today!