June 12, 2016

Individual Services

Dynamic Editing

We have developed a 3 step system that tackles different areas of your manuscript and provides professional feedback, where needed, to bring flow to the project.


Have your work in notebooks or audio recorded? We transcribed scraps of paper, notebooks, cassettes, cds, etc. Pricing for transcription will depend on the source and size of the item to be transcribed.


This is the layout portion of your book. Many people do not know how to professionally layout their book, but would like it to have that super professional look to it. Take advantage of our flat fees.  The page number and cost is calculated from the original document sent.

Book Covers

We do custom design work. No templates involved unless specified. We take your book concept and turn your dreams into a reality! When you choose a $777 Book Combo your book cover is a standard service…It’s the most important part of the book next to the content.


Protect your intellectual works and maintain your rights. It can possibly be a tedious process. Let WWACP help you! We will take the hassle out of the process and complete all of the necessary documents for you. This service is available with advanced publishing options.

ISBN Number/Barcodes

This service only can only be purchased for books directly published through WWACP. Advanced publishing options already include this feature.

Ebook Formatting & Distribution

WWACP has scouted out the best way to distribute your ebook across multiple devices at an affordable with MAXIMUM profit margins!  Let us do the formatting work, get your account started and you will be well on your way to the profitable ebook sales you desire!

Promotional Items

Need marketing material to help get the word out about your book or event? Do you desire a professional presence at fairs, conferences and workshops? Have you thought of another promotional item you would like to get your book noticed? We design branded material from business cards to retractable banners and tshirts! Contact Us today to get started and get noticed!


Print on Demand (POD) is a printing technology and business process in which new copies of a book (or other document) are not printed until an order has been received, which means books can be printed one at a time.

Let WWACP be your #1 printing source for everything including your books! We do perfect bound books of all sizes. Use us to print your books in conjunction with a package plan or as your re-print source. Either way, WWACP can offer you the best prices available! Pricing for printing is dependent on the total file size of the print ready documents. Contact Us today for your personal printing price!

Author’s Site – COMING SOON

Author’s site is great for people that would like to build an online presence and sell their books, but don’t want to pay all of their profits to big name companies. The Author’s Site also helps the author stay in control of their product. This is a basic 3 page website with the Author’s picture, bio, contact page and product page. Price includes 35 minute consultation that teaches you how to maintain your own site. Site easily integrates with your paypal account.